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Custom Art Framing and Acrylic Plastic Fabrication

MarLu//Consulting welcomes new client to the family. Acrylic & Framing Service Inc.  specializes in custom framing and acrylic plastic fabrication providing customers with picture frames, museum cases, sandwich frames, and specially made art stands. Their services range from residential framing and corporate framing through acrylic works and professional art installation. Continue reading

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Tip Calculator for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

There are countless tip calculators for iPhone and Android platforms but what about Windows Phone 7.5 OS? It turns out that there are already quite a few Tip Calculators for windows based phones as well. Nevertheless, I wanted a tip calculator that would prove to be simple yet powerful enough to provide all necessary data on one screen with the least amount of typing. Furthermore, I wanted to be able to easily adjust various portions of the bill on the fly, round up or down totals and split the bill all on the same screen. Finally, I thought it would be useful to be able to compare the amount of the tip to the level of service. Continue reading

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Using Foreign Currency when Traveling Abroad

Continental ForexWhen traveling abroad having at least a small amount of the local currency on arrival is essential. Credit cards often add foreign transaction fees, debit cards do not always work in foreign countries and finding an ATM can be a hustle. Even travelers checks might require you to go to a bank or issuing company’s office to exchange it for cash. Solution is to exchange currency before the trip. Continue reading

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Good way to preview websites in various screen resolutions is an online tool that allows for previewing of any website in a wide variety of screen resolutions.  In a past, to test a website in different display resolutions I would adjust my screen resolution down or up which was rather dull and tedious task causing several problems: Continue reading

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Microsoft Launches Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Although, Microsoft officials have not yet shared the release date of the final version of IE 9, the first publicly available beta version is already here, generating a lot of buzz. IE 9 promises many improvements over its predecessors including extensive HTML 5 support, simplified interface and much better download manager but certainly one of the most talked about features is speed. Continue reading

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